Being the Best Podcaster You Can Be – For Your Guests | Part Three

Setting Expectations After the interview

This is part of a four-part series exploring how podcast guests have huge value to you and your show, and how properly leveraging that means you need to ensure they perceive value in having appeared on your podcast. These are tips on what left podcast guests feeling positive about their appearances… and what didn’t. We’re sharing these findings as a free resource to help you be the best podcaster you can be – for your guests.

You’ve just had a brilliant interview with a captivating guest who was well-prepared for the experience in advance. Now thank them! Thank them for their time and for being on your podcast. Get a bit of feedback on their experience and seize the opportunity to ask them if they have any suggestions for future guests. They may well know several people who would have great insight on the topics your podcast covers. If it’s appropriate, and if they’re willing, ask them to connect you with those people via email. This provides you with a direct contact to a potential guest and gives their connection a reference of sorts from someone they trust. 

Be honest with your guest about what happens next. There’s no value in being vague or cagey: after all, you want your guest to assist in promotion. If you haven’t launched yet, let them know the rough launch date you’re aiming for and that they’re part of that initial multi-episode release. Follow up with them once the launch date is confirmed. If you do know the specific date their episode will air, especially if it’s not an immediate release, let them know that date. Share the social media channels you’ll be announcing the episode on so the guest can follow you and re-share any posts you make. You want to ensure your guest has full access to information on where the podcast announcements will appear and when to expect them.

If you do plan to let your guest review the episode before its release, let them know the timeframe you’re working on in terms of editing. Have a date set for when they’ll gain access to the edited episode and ensure it allows time for their feedback and any revisions required before the actual release. Turn your guest into an information asset by keeping them well-informed on the steps after the interview so they’re fully prepared for promotion of their appearance.

How Well Are You Doing?

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