The Four Ways You Can Leverage Podcasting in Your Business

1 – As a Sales Tool

The cold call is a largely futile game in competitive industries: line up at the proverbial door of your client and hope they pick you to explain in moments why your pitch is even worth hearing. As a guest on a podcast, however, your prospective client is yours for 45 minutes to an hour of one-on-one conversation in which you have ample time to prove your expertise. Perhaps more importantly, it gives the client something of value: a platform and an audience. You and your client get to discuss everything important to each of you in a uniquely intimate but public format.

2 – As a Strategic Relationship Builder

Who do you want to talk business with? Who do you want to have a solid relationship with? Invite those people onto your podcast. Offer up your platform for the good will of their expertise while connecting with those strategic folks who just may become a valuable client or business ally. It’s not all fun and laughter, though it can certainly be that too. It’s a relationship tool.

3 – As a Method of Gaining Access to New Audiences

Booking guests on your podcast means you consider who would make a good guest for your audience but also – this is important – who has their own audience you might want access to. Every guest has their own followers. When you book them on your show, you’ll each have access to each other’s audiences and that’s of enormous value. So, choose your guests wisely.

4 – As a Credibility Builder

If your work is complex, how do you explain in a single call what it’s all about? (Without losing the interest of your potential client, that is.) Podcasting gives you the ability to explore all the complexities of what you do in conversational settings with other experts or like-minded guests. This gives you a catalogue of hours of detailed explanation about your expertise without boring potential clients to tears or overwhelming them. You’re carefully explaining yourself to your audience by engaging them in lively conversation.

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