Astronomic Audio: Podcast Hosting and Audio Production

Make your big ideas sound even bigger.

Houston, we've got a problem.

You are the authority in your industry, but you're getting lost in the noise

Podcasting can be the best way to show your authority in your industry, get your foot in the door with qualified leads, build strategic relationships, drive prospective clients into your sales funnel, and open many other opportunities. But, launching your own podcast can be confusing, overwhelming, and it’s hard to figure out where to start.

Let’s be real here. You’re an expert in your industry, you shouldn’t have to be an expert in podcasting.

At Astronomic Audio, we know how badly things can go when a podcast is not professionally managed.

That’s why we’re using our technical prowess to make sure your podcast is done the right way with full podcast hosting and audio production. Our work is broadcast standard quality. Take a listen:

Get your turn-key podcast solution in 4 simple steps

  1. Schedule a call to chart a course and create a launch strategy
  2. Answer a few short questions, then let us handle the gatekeepers like Apple and Spotify
  3. Record your first episodes with our help, or record on your own with our coaching and guidance
  4. Sit back while we handle the editing, distribution, and promotion. You’re in good hands

Starting a podcast can be overwhelming, but we’re here to walk you through every step of the way.

Finally position yourself as the leader that you are in your industry

Launching your podcast is one of the most effective ways to enhance your reputation, make your brand a familiar face, build and retain an audience, and to educate and establish trust with your potential and existing clients.

Launching a podcast the wrong way can make a giant mess to clean up. Get online right the first time, protect your intellectual property, and establish consistent releases with the right strategy.

With Astronomic Audio you’ll have proper sound quality that is on-brand and available on all podcasting platforms.

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